About me

Who I am

I'm Dawud, an Argentinean software developer who began his journey as a professional programmer back in 2007. I love computers and programming, I like to write and to share my knowledge with others.

During the last year, I've been trying to create content in different formats. I created YouTube videos and gave free webinars on Twitch. But couldn't find the right format for me. Creating quality content is hard, very time consuming, and finding time to do that without sacrificing family time is a real challenge.

Whereas I'm not totally discarding both options, at this moment I will focus on writing.

Goals for this blog

I have some goals for the next year (2024). Some of them are:

Write about .NET

I will write about things I try and code in .NET. I'll also review many of the things covered in this roadmap. So, if it sounds exciting to you, stay tuned.

Get good at frontend programming

Frontend was always the side of web programming I neglected the most. Maybe because I only cared about logic and never liked CSS very much (I actually hate it). But when I studied Angular I thought it was pretty cool. I liked TypeScript, I liked how it was structured. I thought it was pretty solid. So I want to get good at it. I don't have any roadmap for it yet. But as soon as I start putting my fingers in action with it, I'll write some nice series.

Get into mobile development

Once I get good at Angular, I want to use that knowledge to build mobile applications with it, using Ionic. They have a very cool product that lets you create mobile apps with Angular and React. So I'll try to learn it and blog about it.

Create my very own programming language

On top of all of this, I want to learn how to create a programming language. I'll follow the book Crafting Interpreters and blog about my progress.

Closing notes

That's pretty much about it for now. If you find anything of this interesting, please follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter.

Take care.